The need for corporate governance and risk management has been well documented. Businesses can no longer subject themselves to risks to their value and existence.

And no longer can your solution be siloed. FrontLine Live 5 drives dramatic improvement in operating efficiency and agility by integrating and modeling all domains within the enterprise.

No other offering out of Gartner’s Leaders has an automated and dynamic SaaS solution to enterprise continuity converged with governance, risk and compliance.

What if you could have a continuity, compliance and risk cloud solution that...

Is actually easy for everyone to use.

Frontline Live 5 was designed with the user in mind. Discover the business benefits and the technology that drives it.

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Easy to use

  • Intuitive User Experience.
  • Cleaner, faster, HTML 5 interface that drives productivity.
  • Built in Training. Users can follow a step-by-step guidance system that guides them though their required inputs and activities. No need to memorize the steps to accomplish tasks.
  • Individual and role-based dashboards for administrators, contributors and viewers.

How we made it easy to use

  • Is about Fit Design (not one size fits all)
  • Self Configuration - customize any user experience
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface out of the box
  • Total site customization utilizing "Skins" feature
  • Select appropriate information density by user role
  • Application provides UI functionality via JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, KnockoutJs, and other JavaScript libraries
  • Ajax is used in most UX operations that occur throughout the web platform
  • “Guide Me” feature for user online guidance as needed
  • Departmental user, Expert user or Administrative user - all easy

Is easy to deploy and manage.

Frontline Live 5 is easy to configure, customize and build. Explore the business advantages and the technology we use.

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Easy to deploy and manage

  • Data management. Accurately migrate from 3rd party systems and easily import/export data.
  • No Development Required
  • Easy to configure. The simplified point and click organization and workplace designer, makes it easy to model even the most complex business processes.
  • Easy to customize. Out of box forms or create your own to to manage your business continuity life cycle.
  • Field-proven implementation process.
  • Built-in dynamic change management helps you keep pace with organizational change.
  • Easy to build. Business process rules engine that manages processes, continuity and compliance.
  • Enforce security with role-based access.
  • Eliminate plan maintenance through integrated BIA and Plan Development.

How we made it easy to deploy and manage

  • Frontline Live 5 (FLL5) is cloud based or SaaS based (no hardware / software needed)
  • Form Builder aspect is the heart of the platform
  • User-customizable, extensible, and maintainable solution
  • Easily add in virtually any combination of logic, CRUD, workflow, and reporting capabilities + instant sandbox provisioning
  • Rules-engine enables administrative users to configure combinations of rules and logic including but not limited to required fields, field lengths, field types, field dependencies
  • Site-wide security has built in protection against CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection as well as others.

Is easy to access.

Anywhere, anytime, any device. See why this is important your business and how our technology delivers.

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Easy to Access

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device
  • Single database for all your plans, procedures, policies.
  • Business processes and third party suppliers relationships, interdependencies and reports are easily available

How we made it easy to access

  • FFL5 is built on the most responsive HTML, CSS, and JS framework
  • HTML 5 delivers responsive, any platform and native mobile projects
  • Advanced configurable security for encrypted access and delivery
  • Two preprocessors (Less and Sass) to check, conform and easily scale your applications, forms, reports and messages to desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Support for any browsers including mobile browsers
  • Built in support for Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS platforms with browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and possibly more.

Enables total enterprise visibility.

Learn you can get a complete view of your business and the technology that enables it.

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Total enterprise visibility

  • FLL gives you a comprehensive dashboard view of your enterprise. Business continuity, operating risk, compliance, policy, vendor, technology & incident management
  • Built-in intuitive reporting and analytics

How we give you total visibility

  • Extend real-time reports on to dashboards, link into plans and produce in pdf or hard copy (does not require Crystal Reports or any add-on tools)
  • Create detailed audit reports with approval status, audit trails and versioning available throughout the entire system
  • Easy customized relational reporting with SQL and other database support
  • Customize personalized dashboards and report generation with drag and drop functionality
  • Hundreds of display graphics, gauges, maps and attachments publishable in your dashboards, reports and plans
  • Communication with the server occurs solely through RESTful operations which utilize JSON as the messaging vehicle

Enables Fast and accurate recovery.

Find out the business benefits and the technology behind it.

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Fast and accurate recovery

  • Virtual command center.
  • Executive view dashboard and reports.
  • Impact on organization. Know all areas of the enterprise are affected.
  • Recovery timeline based on business priorities.
  • Manage Issues via team collaboration.
  • Deliver emergency notifications.
  • Automatically assign tasks to team members.
  • Post incident audit reporting.

How we help you recover quickly and accurately

  • Automated System Logic throughout cuts down on user error and minimizes mistakes during recovery efforts
  • FLL5 calculates RTO, criticality, recovery priority and gaps based on user input and rules. Provides query capability against any entity
  • Dynamic dependency modeling pulls all relevant information, recovery steps and impacted plans during a test or incident to answer recovery questions
  • Real time incident duration tracker assists decisions within incident by calculating RTO, Recovery Priority and Financial impacts over time
  • Mass automated notifications
  • FFL5 generates RTOs, Recovery priorities and metrics eliminating most end-user data entry errors
  • Unlimited mapping of dependency relationships