Bringing together our User community, which spans across many countries and time zones, has never been easier.  The pivot to a largely virtual work-life has created new opportunities to connect.

We’d like to invite you to our Inaugural Virtual Global User Group on Tuesday, September 20th from 11 AM – 1 PM EDT / 4 – 6 PM UK.  We’re eager to connect our User community with one another so we can have a broad conversation expanding beyond our product.

Who should attend:

  • CISO’s; Business Continuity, Resilience, and IT Executives
  • System Administrators
  • End-Users

The Global User Group will be a place where:

  • Users provide input to help shape CL’s roadmap
  • CL shares its strategic vision
  • Users network with one another and share best practices
  • CL highlights new features and releases
  • Users lead the discussion and provide feedback

We will help initiate this first conversation and provide an agenda but expect that over time this could evolve into a forum directed by our Users that speaks directly to their interests.