The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly had a greater impact on daily lives than most of us could ever have guessed at. It appears that the world has been making up its response as it goes along, and in many ways, it has needed to.

But are we starting to see lessons that risk and resilience professionals need to be assimilating into their thinking for the future? Not basic ‘have you got your plans in order’ lessons but more fundamental and far reaching considerations. We believe that the answer to this is yes and so we have brought together a team of acknowledged thought leaders in three different, but highly relevant, fields – legal, economic, and epidemiological – to help take us through them.

Dr Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow in Global Health, University of Southampton will talk about the likely future course of the pandemic. What is likely to unfold over the months following the end of June, and what courses and consequences might we see with other plausible pandemic scenarios in the future. Michael has been speaking extensively with the media on this topic and will update us on complex issues in his clear and understandable language.

Jan Putnis, Partner & Head of Financial Regulation Group, Slaughter and May will then discuss the legal implications of where organisations find themselves today. There are multiple issues around remote working, workplace closures, job retention schemes and the duties of directors who find their companies in financial distress. Jan will seek to bring these together for us in a way which talks to the concerns of risk professionals.

Innes McFee, Managing Director Macro and Investor Services, Oxford Economics will finally conclude for us with the medium- to long-term economic consequences of what we are going through. How do the economics look today, will economies bounce quickly back to full activity or will the pain be more drawn out? And will the consequences of the pandemic re-shape economic activity as well as simply hamper it?

Finally, please note. Our understanding of this pandemic is growing, sometimes by the day. Consequently, all three speakers will be presenting their thinking as it stands at the date of the event – 24 June 2020. They will not be presenting old news. This means that the agenda may change, subtly or otherwise, from that published here today.