Business resilience is important for any company. What many companies fail to remember is that cybersecurity is a vital part of staying resilient. While business continuity stems from the organization’s critical elements of success, cybersecurity aims to protect the technology and networks that keep the business running. Continuity Logic has developed an all-encompassing platform that they call the “swiss army knife of enterprise resilient software.” One of the key components of the platform is the cybersecurity features.

Cybercrime affects businesses on a daily basis and no business is immune to an attack. The true test of a business will come when they respond to the cybercrime. Continuity Logic’s platform can assess, measure, and report the effectiveness of a plan that is already in place. From there, the cybersecurity plan can be enhanced so the business is proactive rather than reactive in the event of a breach.

From Continuity Logic’s Virtual Command Centerä, businesses have the ability to see when a threat occurs and coordinate an immediate response. Having an integrated approach such as this can reduce time spent responding to an attack or breach. The Virtual Command Centerä generates a real-time playbook that “identifies actionable intelligence that includes all compromised assets, its interdependencies, resolution plans, response and recovery teams and step by step tasks, and real-time metrics allowing leadership to make better decisions.”

Reducing risk and helping build resilient enterprises is exceedingly important to Continuity Logic’s overall objective. When enterprises are resilient, they ultimately create resilient cities and states.

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