Tampa, FL., February 8, 2019 – Continuity Logic, LLC (Continuity Logic) today announced that the merger agreement between Continuity Logic and Fision Corporation (OTCQB: FSSN) has been terminated. Continuity Logic shareholders did not vote to approve the proposed merger.

“While we believed in the original merits of the combination with Fision, we have heard the views expressed by our shareholders and are committed to moving forward by executing our strategic plan as a standalone company,” said Continuity Logic Chairman Peter E. Christensen. “We remain focused on our customers; our new, out-of-the-box solution, CL360, to support operational resiliency; and our trusted brand of integrated risk management capabilities. We will continue building momentum in key areas of our business, creating new best-practice offerings that are strengthening our competitive position and creating long-term value for shareholders.”

The Company also announced its board of directors is evaluating governance changes at the company. As it considers these changes, Continuity Logic will continue to engage with shareholders to ensure alignment between the company and its investors.

About Continuity Logic  LLC

Continuity Logic is a leading integrated risk management platform. We seek to help our customers improve operational resilience by unifying and optimizing risk, business continuity, and compliance management with our adaptive zero-code platform. Our customers are dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership and delivering strategic intelligence in real-time to organizational leaders and frontline workers, so they can make better decisions. Gartner© named Continuity Logic a leader in its Business Continuity Management Program Software for four consecutive years. Further information is available at Follow Continuity Logic on twitter @ContinuityLogic.


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