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Explore our comprehensive software and discover why has been awarded for leading innovation and industry vision. Its simple-to- use, yet powerful tools automate operational management tasks so you can increase involvement in your program, build strategy and ultimately take your organization’s resilience to the next level.

Efficient Customization

You’re unique, so is our platform

Say goodbye to coding and cookie cutter software. Continuity Logic is as customizable as you need it to be. Our unique drag and drop allow you to be in charge and create your ideal management forms. You’ll love that our platform fits to meet the needs of your program, not the other way around.

Easy to Use, Really

Less training, more doing

Give your users an experience they will enjoy. Continuity Logic’s intuitive design is easy to navigate. We simplify the user experience even further with GuideMe. It’s like you have GPS navigation for our platform. Periodic and infrequent users don’t get lost. This means more time spent on your organization’s resilience and less time re-training unhappy software users. There’s no U-turns needed here.


Master your enterprise

Unlock your data and use it to make your program even better. Continuity Logic makes your data visual and easy to access. Reports and dashboards are role-based to improve strategic real-time decision making. Executives and teams love the easy to read data and you’ll love sharing it.


One solution

Best of all, it’s all in one tool. No more juggling separate software application. No more costly integration and customization. Continuity Logic helps you scale, adapt and improve your organizations resilience. The Continuity Logic experience is easy and so is doing business with us. You’ll be on top of the world and we’ll gladly help you get there.

One Platform. Many Uses.

It’s like a swiss army knife of enterprise resilience software.

Business Continuity Management

Continuity Logic fully supports the full spectrum of business continuity management planning. From plan creation to your yearly BIA, the system allows end users the ability to include all their critical processes, suppliers, applications and key assets in a single platform.


  • Program management through rich dashboards
  • Drag and drop for Admin plan changes
  • Centrally manage templates


Create templates ad hoc or use the Continuity Logic library with no coding needed. Unlimited number and types of dependencies can be captured in real-time. Visibility into gaps for the business and IT through stunning dashboards and reports.

Disaster Recovery Management

The gap between ITDR and the business are well known. Bridging the gap comes with experience, knowledge of your organization, and a strong software partner to help automate the process.


  • Dependency mapping from any level
  • Visual dashboards for program management
  • Gaps calculated in real-time


The ability to populate plans, distribute tasks and notify leadership of updates becomes second nature in Continuity Logic. This leads to a faster and more efficient recovery.


Incident Management

The industry is a bit immature when it comes to declaring an event or incident. Continuity Logic’s Incident Manager becomes a critical element to understand the true impacts of a failed process, technology, supplier, or other element with a click of a button.


  • Virtual Command Center
  • Dependency crawler presents all dependencies and connections
  • Auto-calculate downtime, tasks and impacts


With the ability to declare any failed asset, Continuity Logic clients are testing, simulating and declaring real incidents in real-time. The Virtual Command Center acts as an executive view into the incident scope, dependencies and the impacts of downtime.

Crisis Management

A sudden significant negative event is always in the back of the C-suite’s mind. Being prepared, trained and able to execute is the goal for every crisis management program. Continuity Logic’s Crisis Management application has full HTML5 mobile access for anytime, anywhere.


  • Tasks and communications across all geographies
  • Integration to GPS-style maps
  • Digital Wallet Cards for Execs


The Continuity Logic Platform enables end users access to relevant people and information in real-time. Executives can use this Virtual Command Center for an enterprise view of the crisis in a single dashboard.


Enterprise Risk Management

Stakeholders and leadership are tasked with defining their risk appetite with limited resources. This is no easy task within the Fortune 500 or private institution. Continuity Logic enhances visibility for more informed decision making in Enterprise Risk Management.


  • Risk Assessments and Scorecard
  • Risk Appetite
  • Heat Maps and Enterprise Dashboards


The Continuity Logic Platform gives clients more confidence in managing their Risk Universe. Through multiple assessments and reporting, stakeholders are holding more meaningful conversations in the risk portfolio. Auto calculations of risk and residual risk, along with heat maps, paints a simpler picture to review.

Vendor Risk Management

The relationship with your vendors is as critical as ever. A sole source vendor can instantly tank your reputation, operations or financials in minutes with an outage. Continuity Logic provides a platform to capture these 3 rd party risks for a more holistic approach.


  • Capture Contracts, SLAs and Scorecards
  • Ad hoc assessments
  • Risk profiling


Understanding your supply chain and the risks associated can be a tedious process. The Continuity Logic Platform gives additional visibility into who your vendors are, their points of failure, ability to respond to an incident and criticality to your main lines of business.


Cyber resilience is not just about technology and computers. It involves people, information systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings as well as technology. It aims to create a secure environment where businesses can remain resilient in the event of a cyber breach. The connections between cybersecurity and business continuity are numerous.


  • Instant declaration of infected/failed assets
  • Impacts to business and the enterprise
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework


By integrating cybersecurity and business continuity planning, the Continuity Logic Platform is helping its customers prepare, respond, and recover business operations against cyber disruptions and threats.

Join the growing list of business continuity professionals who empower their enterprises by using Continuity Logic.

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  • Comprehensive – An all-in-one, swiss army knife of software to help you empower enterprise resilience

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Join the growing list of business continuity professionals who empower their enterprises by using Continuity Logic.