You say you want a revolution

A thought leadership event from Continuity Logic

In the words of John Lennon, we all want to change the world. And if he could have been singing about you you’ll want to be with us on 15 May.

For many years the BIA has been regarded as the cornerstone of effective business continuity management. It is taught on training courses worldwide and it is rare to see its value even remotely challenged by serious practitioners. But this could be changing. Over recent years two experienced business continuity professionals from the USA—Mark Armour and David Lindstedt—have been honing an alternative approach known as Adaptive BC. And bit by bit, fellow professionals have been starting to sit up and take note. The approach has now attracted a wide range of advocates to the point where it is arguably unwise, revolution or not, to ignore it.

In a nutshell, the Adaptive BC Manifesto considers that:

“Despite tremendous revolutions in technology, organisational practice, and global business in the last fifteen years, traditional BC methodology has become entrenched. It has made only small, incremental adjustments, focusing increasingly on compliance and regulations over improvements to organisational readiness. This has led to a progressively untenable state of ineffectual practice, executive disinterest, and an inability to demonstrate the value of continuity programs and practitioners.” (see

Heavy stuff. So, should you know more about it? Yes, you probably should. And there will be few better opportunities than this. We have invited a co-founder of the movement, Mark Armour, to headline our next thought leadership event at The Shard on Wednesday 15 May.