Written by Jim Tapscott

While there is a sense of relief that another major hurricane has avoided our region, we cannot view the headlines and reports coming out of South East Texas without sharing in the emotions that Texans are currently experiencing. It is shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in Texas history.

We are proud of the organizations across the Tampa Bay region are stepping up to help. While donations are pouring into organizations like the American Red Cross, people and resources are already in Texas and more are arriving.

The Urban Search and Rescue Florida Task Force 3 (TF3), which consists of Tampa, Hillsborough, and St. Petersburg Fire Rescue were deployed to assist with Swift Water Rescue Operations. Two swift water rescue teams comprised of 18 members and seven logistical support members left Tampa on Sunday. They will stay in Texas until Sept. 6.

“It’s like anything, when you train and train and train, until you actually execute that training to see if it is as effective at helping others, there’s always that apprehension, that bit of excitement to see how well you’re prepared,” said District Chief Ken Huff.

The Salvation Army of Florida has also mobilized teams and equipment to the region. They are loaded with essentials such as food and water. They also have their mobile kitchens to prepare meals for the residents and first responders.

Here at Continuity Logic® we encourage our fellow Tampa Bay residents to join us in supporting the American’s Red Cross efforts to provide basic services to those displaced by Harvey. Make sure you check with your employer as many are providing matching funds.