Why Continuity Logic?

We’re here to help you. Yes, we love building the fun tools you need to make your enterprise more resilient. But what makes us most happy is seeing our software make life better for our clients. If we can help free up time so you can keep doing your great work, everybody wins.

Other “Solutions” Just Can’t Compete

Our expert implementation team will have you freed up from spreadsheets and restrictive software in no time. Imagine having everything you need for your business continuity plan in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. Easy to edit forms and beautiful reports at your fingertips.

Not too rigid. Not too flexible.

We know how challenging it can be to find solutions that fits your organization’s unique needs. So we’ve created a flexible business continuity management platform that adapt to your needs. And we’ve packaged it in a user-friendly way. That’s why Continuity Logic is refreshingly simple to use, yet incredibly powerful.

  • Integrates with industry leading solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT Service Management, Emergency Notification, Weather Services, and Threat Intelligence.

Business Continuity Software Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Technology is supposed to help, not hinder. We get it. Migrating to Continuity Logic is easy. Using it is easy. And finally enjoying a Business Continuity software the easiest of all. Especially when you need manage an incident. Or customize forms and share instant reports. It’s all just a few clicks away.

An Investment That Keeps on Giving.

You haven’t compared pricing yet? We encourage you to do so. You’ll find our business continuity software really is the best value. Our pricing is straightforward and ensures you will be successful with the Continuity Logic platform.

No One Supports You Like Continuity Logic

We want you to see you succeed. Our real, live team of experts is here for you 24/7.

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Learn how Continuity Logic can meet your unique needs through intuitive, customizable business continuity software. Our demo will walk you through the highlights of our platform:

  • GuideMe- Like GPS navigation for our platform

  • Zero Code – Make our software fit your needs with no coding

  • Reporting and Dashboards – Makes your data visual and easy to share

  • Comprehensive – An all-in-one, swiss army knife of software to help you empower enterprise resilience

  • Unparalleled support – 24/7 support with our experienced team. We will never leave you hanging.

You’ll also see just how quickly Continuity Logic can help you organize your business continuity plan to help you get back to making your organization more resilient. During your demo, our team of specialists will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Join the growing list of business continuity professionals who empower their enterprises by using Continuity Logic.